Style Ideas

Kitchen remodeling could be an exciting project as it gives you the chance the create a different kitchen environment that you've been living with. 

From the cabinetry wood to the wall paint, you may bring your kitchen from...

A remodel project gives you the chance to create a totally different kitchen than what you've been living with. If you've got an outdated kitchen but a modern style throughout the rest of your home, for instance, use your kitchen restoration to bring your kitchen up to speed with the contemporary style in the other rooms. From the wall paint to the cabinetry wood, your kitchen style informs most of the choices that you make when it comes to your materials. The style you choose can even help you decide which door handles to attach and the tiles that you use as a backsplash above your counters and behind the sink. A variety of kitchen style exist, so there is something for every preference and budget.


5 Standard Kitchen Layouts

The very first step of the planning process is to determine the possible layout of your kitchen. There are five basic kitchen shapes: Straight, Galley, L-shape, U-shape, and G-shape.

The Traditional Work Triangle

The work triangle is the standard configuration use by professionals for designing efficient kitchens. The three magical points are the areas between the refrigerator, range and sink.

Straight Configuration

  • Good for smaller homes and apartments. 
  • Offers the least efficient kitchen plan, but maximises space

Gallery Configuration

  • Efficient for up to two cooks in the kitchen
  • However, the shape allows little extra room for crossing household traffic
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