How to buy from J&K?

J&K Cabinetry (NOLA) is a wholesaler of kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities. And therefore, interested buyers have to sign-up as our dealer before purchasing cabinets from J&K. 

Industry Professionals

If you are an industry professional, please go to "Become a Dealers" for further information about making purchase from J&K.

Already a dealer?

Send us your Purchase Order (P.O.) or contact our sales representatives to place your order.
You may also fill in the J&K Cabinetry Order Form as your P.O. to place the order.

Home Owners / Consumers

If you are an consumer, you may ask your contractor(s) to contact us for purchasing cabinets from J&K.
Or you may contact our sales representatives for a list of suggested contractors. 

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