Prefabricated vs Custom Cabinets

by Travis Lee July 27, 2014

Pre-fabricated (pre-fab) cabinets vs custom cabinets, which one is better?

Home owners are often asking which one they should go for. When we come across questions like this, it is always a matter of your need vs budget, and your design desires. 


Pre-fab CabinetsCustom Cabinets
  • Easy to install
  • Fast turnaround time (in terms of getting the cabinets
  • Cheaper
  • Highly customisable (from door styles, finishes, to material used, etc)
  • Limited customisation capability
  • Expensive
  • Long production time


Many manufactured (commonly pre-fab) cabinets will offer a factory finish on the cabinets that most custom cabinet makers cannot compete with. Also many semi-custom manufacturers are offering features like soft-close drawers and doors standard that can really affect the longevity and feel of your cabinets that may not be a standard offering from a custom cabinet shop. If possible, get a quote from both and have a kitchen designer review the details of both options with you so you understand the differences involved other than just the prices.

All in all, there is no definite answer on which one is a better option. As a home owner, it is always advised to visit the cabinet stores / woodwork stores before making your decisions. Understanding more will always help you better build your ideal kitchen. 

Travis Lee
Travis Lee


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