Factors to consider in selecting kitchen and bath cabinetry

by Travis Lee July 16, 2014

Kitchen is the area that we live with and enjoy for decades. Selection of your "Kitchen Mr. Right" should therefore be carefully carried out. The selection of cabinets is the cornerstone of your kitchen. Cabinets are the most visible and most used element of your kitchen. Everything else in the kitchen revolves around the cabinets.

So, what are the key factors to consider when selecting kitchen and bath cabinetry?


Materials for kitchen cabinets
As with every other element of the kitchen, there is an abundance of materials to choose from. The most popular hardwoods are maple, oak, and cherry. Staining on cabinets will alter the tones and colors of the wood. It will also affect the graining patterns of any species of wood. Because of the nature of wood graining, each piece of cabinetry will bring a unique look to the kitchen.

All series of J&K's cabinets are made of solid maple wood. Maple cabinets are in a class of their own. A sturdy and durable hardwood, maple is treasured for its unusually fine texture and smooth, uniform grain. Generally pale to creamy white naturally, maple often includes reddish streaks that deepen with staining and enhance the individuality of the wood. Randomly occurring bird’s eye dots, mineral streaking, a curling grain or fine brown lines also add depth and interest to the appearance of maple cabinets. Maple takes a stain well, and is available in a variety of colors that highlight the wood beneath. Maple has the strength necessary for frequent use and is especially prized by people who want to design a modern kitchen while retaining the warmth of natural wood.


Kitchen space idea with innovative storage racks
Storage options are the keys to practical kitchen cabinets. Not only you can have your basic cabinets and drawers above and below the counter-top, but you can also have an island or bar for more workspace. Incorporation of innovative storage racks can also help create extra storage options to better organise your dinnerware, wine bottles, spices, or larger cooking and cleaning objects.

Cabinet Door Style

Door Style with knobs
The doors on the cabinets provide the greatest nuances of expression. Cabinet doors do not usually have a plain flat surface (although they can). Doors come in a wide variety of designs and raised panel styles are one of the most popular. They can be very simple or very ornate. Knobs and handles in different design could really affect the whole impression of the cabinets. Traditional kitchen styles are usually associated with more details and raised panels whilst commercial kitchens and homes are usually designed with simple door surface and clean horizontal lines (contemporary design). 

Travis Lee
Travis Lee


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